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Kamis, 05 Agustus 2010

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There are plenty of bar girls in Bali who hang out in the bars hoping to make money. They are refered to in Indonesian as 'Kupu kupu malam' - night butterflies.

It is not hard to pick a kupu kupu malam as they will make eye contact with you as soon as you walk in to a bar. Even if they are sitting across the over side of the bar they will keep looking at you and wave and motion for you to come join them.

You can take a Bali bar girl back to you hotel for massage or more from 150,000Rp up to 700,000Rp depending on how attractive they are. The really attractive girls will not budge from their price as they know they will attract someone else if you do not pay what they want. The less attractive ones are prepared to bargain.

If chatting to the girls in the bars and they ask you to buy them a drink beware. The girls will order a drink and say it has vodka or some other alcohol in it and you get charged 50,000Rp though the drink is usually just fruit juice with a girl getting a cut from the bar.

There are plenty of girls on the street who ask if you would like massage and a bit more. Stay away from these girls as it's the easist way for your wallet to disappear while you are laying their enjoying the massage.

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Last updated 29th January 2010

Bali Bar Girls

There bar girls in most of the bars around Kuta. One place that specifically has bar girls to join you for a drink is Heaven's Club. Located on Jln Pantai just down from Bemo corner on Legian Road. Open from 8pm till 3am you walk in and the place is full of sexy girls all dressed in the same colour. As you sit down one will come over and join you as you order a drink.

Heaven's Club is a bit weird as these are not your normal bar girls that you can take away with you. There purpose is to sit and chat to you and entertain you as you drink more. They will even pick up your drink and give it to you if you are not drinking. As you get close to bottom of your drink they will ask if you want another one.

They work until 3am though you can arrange to meet them after work or they will ask for your number or give you their number so you can meet up with them another time when they are not working.

Drink prices at Heaven's Club are reasonable at 20,000Rp for a small Bintang beer. Though the girls will ask you to buy them a drink which costs 54,000Rp usually for just a fruit juice with maybe some arak in it. The girls do get a commission from these drinks of around 20,000Rp.

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